best diagnostic center

Best Diagnostic Center

Vaasu Diagnostic Center is a complete diagnostic lab. It is very important to understand what a diagnostic lab is. A complete diagnostic lab is one which provides all the tests under one roof. Vaasu Diagnostic Center is one of the best diagnostic center in Gurgaon, which provides all testing facilities with highly professional lab technicians. Being the best diagnostic center it provides all blood testing, pathology and radiology images. 

If you are looking for heart tests done then opt for “Swasthya panel-1” package available at Vaasu diagnostic center. This package includes ECG, LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar, HBA1C, Thyroid Profile, Vit-D, Vit-B, Iron Profile, Urine R/E, Ultrasound W/A, X-Ray Chest, CBC at very affordable price. 


Electrocardiogram or ECG non invasive test of the heart and it’s electrical impulses. If in case it is found some discrepancy then one more test is advise called echocardiography. An ECG test is very simple to do and lab technicians take only a few minutes to do it. Some electrodes are place around the patient’s heart and that electrode reads the electrical impulses of the heart. And then those electrical impulses are record and then consulted by a doctor. 

We all should be safe and healthy and this policy should be even more important when we have responsibilities. A healthy life should not be a choice anymore, it should be your greatest concern. Timely check ups can be helpful to you in your regular diet and exercise and can also discover the root of your disease. Vaasu Diagnostic Center is the best diagnostic lab in gurgaon for all kinds of checkups and testing. Regular checkups can help to save your money, time and utmost important your peace of mind to live longer. 

Vaasu Diagnostic Center is the top diagnostic lab which also provides radiology imaging with blood tests. As we provide a complete report with radiology imaging this gives a diagnostic analysis to the whole report. And both the diagnostic modalities go hand in hand. 

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